Lemonade with the Kids

I know one of the top rules for a blog is posting fresh and new content on a regular basis. I realize that I haven’t posted an entry on this blog for 3 ½ months. I am still working hard to start my own business. I know that if I could work 40-60 hours a week, I’d be so much further along on my “To Do” list. The thing is … I’m working part-time on my business because my other role is being the mother of two young children.I just came across a blog post by Chris Brogan, “Have You Been Laid Off?,” which features  the “Lemonade Movie Trailer.”

My answer is “Yes. I was laid off a long time ago.” In fact, when I was laid off, my oldest child was two and a half and my “baby” was a newborn. We celebrate the baby’s 2nd birthday tomorrow.

I’m not going to get rich by going out on my own. In fact, I don’t know when my income will make a real dent in the bills. What I do know, after watching the “Lemonade Movie Trailer,” is that I’ve enjoyed turning recession and unemployment lemons into “time that I’ll never have again” lemonade with my kids.

I look forward to seeing the whole Lemonade Movie as soon as it is released.

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