My Internet Summit 2011 Takeaways

Internet Summit 2011 TshirtFor the third year in a row, I attended the Internet Summit (November 15-16) here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each year, I have walked away from two days of non-stop learning with more information about what’s happening and what will be happening on the Internet than I can mentally process. And I love it.

It is a wonderful event for a small business owner/mother of two young children like me who would LOVE to find extra hours in every day to read and study much more than I do, but instead gets quite jazzed every November about having a legitimate business-related reason for dedicating two solid days to learning as much as I can from industry thought leaders.

I took 10 pages of notes this year – and live tweeted probably another couple of pages. The topics that interested me the most, based on projects I have before me, were Facebook Pages, search engine optimization and analytics.

Let’s see if I can bend time and write three blog posts on those topics over the next few days.

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