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NCPRSA Presentation Survey

NCPRSA PR & Marketing Seminar Attendees, Thank you for joining me for “The Shareable Content Revolution: Are You Ready?” I’d appreciate your feedback via this brief survey. (NEW AND IMPROVED, WORKING LINK!) If you include… Read more »

Shareable Content: Even Better Than Great Content

In the age of social search, content marketers who want to be superheroes must take their content to new heights by making it not just great, but “shareable.” My theory is that in today’s age… Read more »

Looking forward to NCPRSA’s 2012 PR & Marketing Seminar

On November 15th, the North Carolina chapter of the Public Relations Society of America will host its 2012 PR & Marketing Seminar at the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education in Chapel Hill,… Read more »

Image-Focused Apps for Image-Challenged Businesses on Pinterest

Do you work for an image-challenged business who is trying to decide if a Pinterest presence makes good marketing sense? Are you concerned that you don’t have enough business-related pictures to fuel a Pinterest profile?… Read more »

Pinterest for Business Part III: Pinning with Purpose

After you’ve spent some time playing in your Pinterest sandbox from Part II of “Pinterest for Business,” it’s time to pin with purpose. Via recommendations in this post, you’ll transform your Pinterest sandbox creations into… Read more »

Pinterest for Business Part II: Pinning Practice

Now that you have a Pinterest account and you’ve played with repinning, it’s time to dive into pinning. What’s the difference? Repinning is what you do when you find something on Pinterest to add to… Read more »

Pinterest for Business Part I: Pinning Preparation

Ideally, before you launch a Pinterest business account, you have months of experience with your own Pinterest personal account. You know how to pin and repin. You understand how and why Pinterest has jumped from… Read more »

Should Pinterest Be a Part of Your Content Marketing Mix?

Let’s say you’re a business owner who has been somewhat curious about Pinterest, but not curious enough to try it. Let’s say your current web marketing efforts consume enough of your time without devoting even… Read more »

Successful Quick Shares – Lessons from Lowe’s Home Improvement

Last week, I made the “less is more” argument regarding web content to a client. We were debating the benefits of putting ALL her information on a certain topic on her web channels vs. strategically… Read more »

Pin It to (Win It) Share It: Teavana Summer Tea Party Inspires Strategic Sharing

I recently came across a brilliant example of a brand successfully enlisting the help of its followers to share the brand’s content – “Teavana Summer Tea Party – Pin It to Win It!” competition on… Read more »