If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, blogging is an excellent way to achieve that goal. It is a resource to which you can point your clients and customers. It is also a resource by which prospective clients and customers might find you because search engines LOVE blogs.

Before you jump into the blogosphere, you should become an avid blog reader. Subscribe to blogs written by professional bloggers and blogs written by competitors. Take note of the topics that they cover, the frequency of their posts and the number of comments that they receive. Your observations will shape your blog.

Blog Content Strategy

Before you start a blog, you should develop a blog content strategy. You need to think about your blog’s big picture objective (e.g., provide a resource, help your search engine rankings, build a community). You should tackle the questions of what you’ll write, how often you’ll post, who will read it, what will inspire readers to leave comments and how you’ll define success.

Identifying categories and target keywords will structure your blog and improve your search engine rankings. Mapping out a schedule of the topics that you’ll cover over the next six months will be time well spent. Last but certainly not least, you should identify resources for feeding the blog content beast.

A few of the blogging tactics that KD Strategies covers with clients are:

  • Why you should start commenting on other people’s blogs asap.
  • Why you should aim to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog and identify people you would like to have as guest bloggers.
  • Why Twitter is a blogger’s best friend.

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