Facebook Pages

Facebook PagesFacebook is the most popular website in the country. What started out as an online directory for college students is quickly becoming one of the most powerful online marketing tools for businesses.

Creating a Facebook Page does not require technical expertise, nor does it require design skills. Once you create a Facebook Page, the key to successfully using it as a marketing tool is a strong content strategy.

Facebook Page Content Strategy

A Facebook Page might be one part of your web strategy or for some businesses these days, it might be your starting point. In either case, you should determine upfront how to generate compelling content that will inspire people to like your page and then share or comment on your posts. You need to outline a plan for the content you will create and the content from other sources you will share.

Some of the Facebook Page topics that KD Web Strategies covers with clients are:

  • Why getting 25 fans should be one of your first goals.
  • What the numbers in the Facebook Insights measurement tool are telling you.
  • What the lastest Facebook changes mean to you.  (Facebook is notorious for introducing new features or changing the way things work about every 3-6 months.)

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