TwitterYou might think that there is no way anything substantial can be accomplished with 140 characters, but give Twitter a try and you’ll be surprised. The best place to start is, of course. The real power, however, lies in the hundreds of third-party applications that enable you to connect with people you’d never reach otherwise.

Twitter Training

KD Web Strategies offers “How to Get Started with Twitter” tutorials. In the training, we’ll teach you how to tweet, retweet, send replies and direct messages. We’ll show you how to find people to follow and inspire people to follow you. We’ll introduce you to third-party applications that lead to the “A-ha!” moment some novice Tweeters never achieve.

Twitter Content Strategy

Once you understand Twitter, how will you use it? Are people that you want to reach even on Twitter? What content would your target audience like you to share via Twitter? How will you know if they are listening? How much time will you have to spend on Twitter for it to be an effective marketing tool? Oh, and what exactly will you tweet? These are all questions that we’ll answer in a Twitter content strategy we develop for you.

Twitter topics that KD Web Strategies covers with clients include:

  • Determining what you should tweet.
  • Why and how to have Twitter conversations.
  • Why who you are following is just as important as who is following you.

Are you curious if KD Web Strategies can help you figure out Twitter? Fill out our “Let’s Get Started” questionnaire and we’ll talk soon.