Web Strategy

Web Strategy is the process of analyzing what a business has on the web (e.g., website, blog, social media profiles) and determining what it should do to take its web presence to the next level.


Websites are your online storefront. They should be well organized so that visitors can quickly understand (within 2-3 minutes – if you’re lucky to have visitors stay that long), what your business does. If you need a new website, please see Website Production. If you need help with an existing website, please refer to the assessments and alternatives sections under Website Development.


Blogs are a more informal marketing communication tool than websites. They are a place for you to share your thoughts and opinions – a way to show the personality behind the business. Search engines handsomely reward you for blogging. Read more under Content Strategy: Blogs.

Facebook Pages

Facebook is the most popular website in the country. It makes tremendous sense for your business to have a Facebook Page. Once it’s set up, what will you post? See more under Content Strategy: Facebook Pages.


Twitter is a powerful web communications tool that allows you to connect with people you might never reach otherwise. There is a learning curve with Twitter, but once you understand it, you’ll see how important it is to your web strategy. Read more under Content Strategy: Twitter.