Website Design

Websites with great content should have great design – design that is built around the content. When you have a solid draft of your website content, then you have a good idea of how your website should be structured. Knowing what your main navigation buttons will be and what information will go on your homepage, for example, are key building blocks.

KD Web Strategies develops your content while planning ahead for design. Through initial project discussions, we’ll get a grasp of your content and your vision for the site’s look-and-feel. We will work through ideas and concepts until you have a website design that thrills you.

Website Design Questions

Below are just a few of the questions you should answer before starting the design phase of your website project.

  1. Do you have a logo? If so, it should serve as the starting point for the website’s design. If not, you should consider getting one before you build a website.
  2. Do you have printed collateral (e.g., business cards, brochures, stationery) that your website should resemble?
  3. Do you have imagery (pictures, diagrams, logo of vendors or partners) that should be included on the website? If not, are you interested in purchasing and using stock imagery?
  4. About how many pages do you expect your website will be? (To help determine how much imagery might be needed.)
  5. Think of a few websites that you frequently visit (or check out your competitors’ sites). Which websites have designs that you like? Why do you like them?