Writing for the Web

Not so long ago, many websites were built with content plugged in as a final step in the website production process. It wasn’t a good practice then and it’s definitely not a good practice now. It takes a lot of work to write website content that presents information in a clear,  intuitive manner for people to read and search engines to crawl.

People who write the most effective web content:

  • understand usability best practices (how people surf the web)
  • are on top of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) trends and
  • ideally, understand web technology (how a website is built, options and limitations of the tool in use).

KD Web Strategies is available for:

  • writing content for corporate Internet and intranet websites,
  • writing content for small to medium business websites,
  • converting content for print (e.g., brochures, white papers, etc.) into content for the web and
  • editing website content to fit today’s SEO standards.