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Oreo Daily Twist

The Oreo Facebook Page inspired fans to share its “Mars Rover Lands” post 3,186 times.

The marketing geniuses behind Oreo’s Facebook Page inspire hundreds of fans  – every day – to share Oreo-branded posts. Each time a fan shares a post, they spread the Oreo name among their Facebook friends. They do exactly what Oreo wants them to do – share their content – so that Oreo becomes top ‘o mind for their friends.

Not all of us are marketing products and services loved as much as a cookie celebrating its 100th birthday this year. But, are there engagement practices that we can borrow from the cookie powerhouse?

What can we learn from them about inspiring our fans to share our content?

Five Ways Oreo Inspires Fans to Share Their Content

Whether you have the same financial and human resources dedicated to managing your Facebook Page as Oreo – or merely 1/100th of what they have, consider the following five general practices and how you might adopt them into your own content marketing strategy.

  1. Plan content. Any company that creates original, new Facebook posts as often as Oreo has a plan. They know what they’ll post tomorrow, next week and perhaps next month. Fans appreciate this planning and tune in for the latest and greatest Oreo post – because they know there will be something new and fun out there.
  2. Involve fans.Their Facebook Page cover photo isn’t just about them turning 100 this year. Each day, they include a “Happy Birthday” message (with photo) to one of their fans around the world.Can you guess how excited that person – who has gone to the trouble of submitting their birthday and photo to the worldwide company – is to see their picture up there? And, how much fun they have driving their friends to the Oreo Facebook Page that day?
  3. Include interactive features. Their usual daily posts include an image, brief text and a link to the Oreo Daily Twist website. It’s an interactive site that allows you to see their recent, clever posts by date. While on the Daily Twist website, you can post a Facebook comment.Not everyone can build such an elaborate, interactive secondary website, but most all of us know how to build, for example, a simple, interactive poll.
  4. Draw in current events. This is part of the Daily Twist (plan and) concept. On August 6th, they posted an image of an Oreo with space rover tracks to commemorate Curiosity’s landing on Mars. This post led to 3,000+ shares! On August 1st, they lined up five Golden Oreos in honor of the USA women gymnastics team’s victory at the Olympics.
  5. Instruct fans to share their own content. When you click “Like,” on the Oreo Facebook Page, you are directed to their “Oreo Moments Gallery.” Via this application, Oreo invites fans to: “Share your favorite Oreo photos, videos and stories with us, and we’ll share them with the world.” Wow. That’s kind of fun. And, if I’m someone who joins in that fun, I’m probably going to be someone who returns to this Facebook Page and shares more of their content in the future.This last tip can be particularly useful for companies just getting started on Facebook or for companies with amateur Facebook fans (e.g., those not so sure on the differences between a comment and a  share) – outright instruct them to click that “share” button.

    But! Of course, you must first have content that makes them want to share it. (See tips #1-4.)

Question: What brands do you see successfully inspiring fans to share their content? What tactics can others easily adopt?

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